15 Ghost Face Painting Ideas for Creative Halloween Looks

Searching for spooky yet splendid ghost face painting ideas? You’re in the right haunting place to find inspiration and practical tips to make every brushstroke count!

Classic White Phantom: Completely Pale With Black Hollow Eyes

classic white phantom completely pale with black hollow eyes

The Classic White Phantom face painting design features a completely pale base with striking black hollow eyes that embody the essence of a ghostly figure, creating a spooky and haunting look perfect for Halloween or costume parties.

Glowing Ghost: Fluorescent Paints for a Glow-in-the-dark Effect

Using fluorescent paints can give your ghost face painting a spooky glow-in-the-dark effect, perfect for standing out in the dark.

Haunted Pirate: Ghostly Skeletal Features With an Eye Patch

Create a ghostly pirate look with skeletal features and an eye patch for a spooky twist on a classic costume.

Victorian Specter: Pale Face With Rosy Cheeks and Dark, Sunken Eyes

The Victorian Specter face painting design combines a pale complexion with rosy cheeks and dark, sunken eyes, creating a haunting and eerie look that is perfect for Halloween or costume events.

Poltergeist: Streaks of Black and Gray Over White for a Blurry Look

Poltergeist: Streaks of black and gray blurring over white to create a haunting effect with a touch of mystery.

Zombie Ghost: Greenish Tints With Faux Blood and Wounds

Zombie Ghost: Incorporates greenish tints with faux blood and wounds for a macabre and haunting appearance.

Weeping Ghost: Tear Trails Running From Hollow Eyes

The Weeping Ghost design captures a hauntingly emotional portrayal by incorporating tear trails running from the eyes.

Smoky Wraith: Airbrushed Gray Smoke Around the Eyes and Mouth

Achieve a mysterious vibe by incorporating airbrushed gray smoke around the eyes and mouth for a Smoky Wraith ghost face painting look.

Ghostly Animal: Incorporate Animal Features Into a Ghostly Face

Transform into a ghostly creature by merging animal features with spooky elements for a haunting and unique look.

Creepy Doll Ghost: Porcelain Cracks With Dark, Empty Eyes

Porcelain cracks with dark, empty eyes give the Creepy Doll Ghost a haunting appearance among other ghost face painting designs.

Frozen Ghost: Blue and White Icing Effects With Frostbite Details

Achieve a chilling effect with blue and white icy patterns on the face along with frostbite details for a frozen ghost look.

Banshee: Mouth Wide Open in a Scream, With Faded Edges

The Banshee design features a ghostly face with a mouth frozen in a haunting scream, creating a spine-chilling look perfect for Halloween parties and events.

Comic Ghost: Bright, Exaggerated Comic-style Eyes and Mouth

Imagine transforming into a lively and colorful comic character with big, expressive eyes and a playful mouth design.

Ghostly Bride: White Lace Patterns With a Veil Effect

White lace patterns with a veil effect add a haunting beauty to the ghostly bride face painting.

Shadow Ghost: Black Face With Deep Purple Contours for a Mysterious Look

The Shadow Ghost face painting concept creates a mysterious and intriguing look by combining a black base with deep purple contours.

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