15 Easy Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Creative Moms

Discover simple and creative ideas for pregnant belly painting that can add fun and excitement to your maternity journey.

Sunshine and Clouds

sunshine and clouds

Capture the essence of a bright, cheerful day on your belly with a design featuring a radiant sun smiling from behind fluffy clouds.

Peeking Baby

peeking baby

This design features a charming sketched baby peering out, as if from a window, creating a playful and heartwarming visual on the belly.

Watermelon Slice

Transform your belly into a juicy slice of watermelon, adding a sweet and playful touch to your photos.

Moon and Stars

moon and stars

Transform the belly into a night sky canvas, embellished with a luminous moon surrounded by twinkling stars, celebrating the cosmic connection between mother and child.

Beach Ball

beach ball

Transform your belly into a vibrant beach ball, perfect for a summer-themed photo-op.

Tree of Life

tree of life

The Tree of Life design symbolizes growth and connection, artfully representing your family’s roots and future branching from your growing baby.

Sports Ball (e.g., Soccer or Basketball)

sports ball e.g. soccer or basketball

Transform your belly into a dynamic soccer or basketball design, perfect for sports fans awaiting their future athlete.

Owl Family

owl family

The owl family design features a charming scene of owl parents and their chicks nestled in a tree, symbolizing nurturing and protection.

Flower Garden

flower garden

A vibrant display of assorted flowers blooming around the belly, symbolizing growth and new beginnings.

Aquarium Scene

aquarium scene

Transform your belly into a serene underwater world with colorful fish, seaweed, and perhaps a hidden treasure chest to spark the imagination.



A delicate butterfly design adds a touch of nature’s beauty, symbolizing transformation and new beginnings.

Easter Egg

easter egg

Transform your belly into a vibrant Easter egg, complete with colorful patterns and festive designs that celebrate the season.

Holiday-themed (Christmas Ornament, Halloween Pumpkin)

holiday themed christmas ornament halloween pumpkin

Transform your belly into a cheerful Christmas ornament with festive colors and sparkling designs, or opt for a cute Halloween pumpkin that makes a fun, seasonal statement.

Rainbow and Clouds

rainbow and clouds

This design brightens the belly with vibrant colors arcing over a serene cloud base, symbolizing hope and joy.

Planet Earth

planet earth

The Planet Earth design transforms the belly into a vibrant and colorful globe, symbolizing the mother as the creator of new life and a nurturer of the future.

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